McCain Won Debate, But Not By Much

27 Sep

My thoughts: McCain won the debate, but not by much. Obama’s week of practice sessions certainly helped him cut down the ‘uhs’ and ‘ums’, but it still wasn’t enough to topple McCain. Even Chris Matthews head cheerleader of the media loves Obama team, was unhappy with Obama.

I do think Obama’s practice paid off in another way too as he started strong. It wasn’t until about 50 minutes in that Obama started to tire. Perhaps next debate Obama should do more at the gym or less. Something needs adjustment there. 

McCain stood strong, spoke his mind, and didn’t let Obama make him crazy.

Ultimately though, it’s the US voters who lost because neither of these guys is as good as Hillary.

For a fantastic summary of pundit quotes and insight, check out this great post at No Quarter from Ani.


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