Obama Camp Uses CNN

28 Sep

Via NewsBusters:

CNN Poll Vs. CNN Spin on Presidential Debate

By John Stephenson

Everybody is talking about this poll from CNN declaring victory for Obama’s debate performance last night with an article titled “Round 1 in debates goes to Obama, poll says.”

Noah Pollak reads the fine print of the article and takes a few notes from deeper down into the specifics.

Buried way, way down at the bottom of the story — hopefully, one surmises, past the point where anyone would read — is the following:

The results may be favoring Obama simply because more Democrats than Republicans tuned in to the debate. Of the debate-watchers questioned in this poll, 41 percent of the respondents identified themselves as Democrats, 27 percent as Republicans and 30 percent as independents.

I’m far from being a polling expert, but this is obviously a slanted poll. A 14-point split between Republican and Democrat respondents? And what percentage of those “independents” were leaners for Obama?

That’s bad enough, but the really egregious part is CNN’s blatant reportage of opinion as fact, which allowed the creation of a news story announcing Obama’s victory.

So much for that poll. The truth is that Obama had manymany gaffes.  The media won’t report on those.  Instead they will trumpet misleading headlines on skewed polls.



CNN logo Democrat


Obama Campaign Urges Fans to Watch CNN

I’ve written in the past how despite MSNBC’s attempts to make itself into the network of choice for liberals, it simply isn’t going to work since most Democrats simply like CNN better.

Is part of that inertia a top-down phenomenon as well? Are top-level Democrats giving preferential treament to CNN over other news channels and shows? That’s seeming more and more to be the case.

Earlier today, the Barack Obama campaign which sent a text message to  supporters urging them to”watch Barack debate John McCain tonight at 9pm Eastern on CNN.” 

Had the McCain camp done the same thing but with Fox, you can bet we’d never heard the end of it from the left-wing blogosphere and their slightly more sophisticated journalistic pals. 

Full text of the message is below:

Watch Barack debate John McCain tonight at 9pm Eastern on CNN. Also, remind friends to register to vote at VoteForChange.com. Please forward this message.

After the Obama campaign flub was reported on Huffington Post and TVNewser, a revised message was sent out:

Watch Barack debate John McCain tonight at 9pm ET on any of the major networks or cable. REPLY to this msg with your 5 digit ZIP CODE for local Obama updates.

Hat tip: dbo

This was not the first time during this campaign season that powerful Democrats have given CNN the inside track. Back in August at the Democratic National Convention, the Ted Turner-founded network was given a highly desirable camera shot exclusively until FNC and MSNBC got word and complained.

Is the feeling partially mutual? CNN was the number one network with correspondents who are registered Democrats in a NewsBusters study of cable news personalities’ party registration.

Update 23:05. I couldn’t help but notice that Joe Biden made CNN his network of choice to make his first post-debate appearance.

—Matthew Sheffield is the creator and editor of NewsBusters.


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