Our Financial Future is in Their Hands!?

29 Sep

House Minority Leader John Boehner, R-Ohio, called this Wall Street bailout bill a “crap sandwich.” And then later, on C-SPAN, a “mud sandwich.”

And he was a supporter of the bill!

Rep. Paul Braun, R-Georgia, voted against it.

Before his vote, he called the bill “a huge cow patty with a piece of marshmallow stuck in the middle, and I’m not going to eat that cow patty.”

If this is the caliber of ‘deep thinking’ going on in Washington during the most perilious economic times in decades, we are so screwed.

Paul Krugman said it best:

“So what we now have is non-functional government in the face of a major crisis, because Congress includes a quorum of crazies and nobody trusts the White House an inch. As a friend said last night, we’ve become a banana republic with nukes.”


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