Why Sarah Palin is Good For Women

29 Sep


Via Lynette Long:


1.       Sarah Palin is keeping the issue of sexism in the United States of America front and center. Hillary Clinton’s historic campaign for the Democratic Nomination was tainted by misogyny, sexism, and abuse by the Democratic Party, the media, and Obama supporters who were known to sport t-shirts declaring, “Iron my shirt, but don’t run my country.” Critics contended that Hillary was subjected to all this abuse, because she’s a polarizing character.  Sarah Palin, who is anything but polarizing, is treated with the same disrespect and abuse as was Hillary Clinton.  Now everyone knows it wasn’t about Hillary, but rather about women.

2.       Sarah Palin is forcing feminists to expand the definition of feminism.  Feminism is no longer about Roe v. Wade but is being expanded to include a broader sweep of women’s issues.

3.       Feminism is no longer the sole jurisdiction of the Democratic Party. By expanding feminism to include Republican women, Democratic women, pro-choice women and pro-life women, Sarah Palin will increase the power of women in this country and world.

4.       Sarah Palin is setting a model for women that women can lead.  From the three-year-old toddler to the eighteen year old teenager, she sends a message loudly and clearly, YOU CAN ACCOMPLISH ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING. You can be a beauty queen and a governor, you can fish and hunt and still be feminine.  You can me a mother, a wife, and a leader.  She has redefined feminism and expanded the vistas of young women everywhere.

5. Sarah Palin is making it easier for the next woman to run for the Presidency.


2 Responses to “Why Sarah Palin is Good For Women”

  1. merge divide September 29, 2008 at 6:00 pm #

    6. Sarah Palin has set the bar so low for women in politics that whoever follows her will look like a genius.

  2. martin September 30, 2008 at 4:44 am #

    You are absolutely right! The Obama-people are such bunch of misogynists!

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