Palin Impresses Focus Group…and Everyone Else Too

3 Oct

This was an unbelievable win. In fact, I think it unveils a level of skill in communication that I really have not seen since Ronald Reagan.

She is a superstar. Her ability to bypass the conventional wisdom of Washington, her ability to speak a tone, a genre, a style that was so authentic and so outside of the mainstream was just unbelievable. And Biden looked like he was on downers. I mean, every time he was talking, I kept wishing that I could hear Palin instead.

– Dick Morris, on FOX, 10/2/08 on Gov Sarah Palin’s debate performance

The New York Daily News editorial page concurs that Palin had a good night, saying “she shored up her standing as John McCain’s vice presidential running mate….The public benefited, but perhaps no one benefited more than Palin in showing that she could comfortably hold her own with a six-term senator who chairs the Foreign Relations Committee. The hockey mom played a great game.”

Yeah, we think she killed it too. Go McCain/Palin, Hillary 2012!


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