Hillary Preferred by Women Voters 2 to 1

7 Oct

Yeah, she’s still our choice and will remain so until she’s President in 2012!

Via PUMA08:

As satisfying as it is to read this, it would be even more satisfying after November 4th when Barack Obama loses the election.

In a national telephone survey of 600 registered women voters was conducted by Blum & Weprin from September 25 through October 3, 2008 for SheZoom.com, the following interesting nuggets emerged:

Overall, Hillary Clinton is preferred by women voters over Sarah Palin on every measure. Women would vote for Clinton over Palin for President in 2012 by a margin of more than 2 to 1. A whopping 61% of women voters say that they would vote for Clinton in such a matchup, compared to only 27% for Palin.

The preference for Clinton over Palin is widest in handling the responsibilities of a President. Clinton is seen as doing a better job dealing with the economy by a 40% margin and as more effective in dealing with foreign leaders by 48%. A significant portion of Republicans in the survey voted for Hillary on these two questions (27% and 39%, resptively).


American women voters not only admire Hillary Clinton more, they also relate to her more than to Sarah Palin. While the margin is not as wide as in the presidential job responsibilities, women see Clinton’s values as closer to their own and would rather have Hillary Clinton as a friend. While Clinton comes out on top again in her role as a mother, this is an area where many women felt they could not or would not judge or compare these women.

Interestingly, while most women say their views of Hillary Clinton have not changed over the past year, fully a third say their views of Clinton have become more positive. Only a tiny minority have a more negative view than a year ago.

Congratulations to Obama and the DNC for snatching defeat from the jaws of victory…


One Response to “Hillary Preferred by Women Voters 2 to 1”

  1. Felica October 7, 2008 at 1:05 pm #

    Hillary…Hillary…Hillary! In 2012 she has my vote. We need her now with this financial mess hanging over us, but I’m confident she’ll still be able to fix the mess in 2012 that Twiddle Dumb and/or Twiddle Dee can’t manage. Go Hillary!

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