NY Papers Report on Bad Obama Doings & Associations

10 Oct

Wow — the MSM (in the form of the New York Times) is reporting on fictitious donors, illegal and fraudulent contributions at Obama’s campaign. The Times reviewed just a small portion of Obama’s donations and quickly discovered over 3,000 gibberish, imaginary, highly suspicious names. Imagine what would be uncovered in a full in-depth review of the total $450 million in donations? How many more overseas donations, fake names, and people exceeding the $2300 limit will be exposed? Our guess…a lot!

That’s not the only bad news for Obama coming out in NY papers today. 

The NY Post  reports Obama-supporting ACORN bribed homeless people with cash and cigarettes to illegally register to vote 72 times in attempts to multi-vote fraudulently for Obama in Ohio. This brings the total number of states with current ACORN voter fraud investigations to 16. I would think at least some of those investigations will yeild prosecutions- if not all since it appears ACORN has done a piss poor job of covering it’s treachory. At the very least, it will make ACORN’s attempts to continue to receive federal monies very difficult indeed. If ACORN wants to mess around with voter fraud and election shenanigans, let them find funding elsewhere. The days of taxpayers picking up the tab for their illegal actions are likely coming to a close. 

If you’re sick of being falsly accussed of racism every time you dare to critize or question Obama on anything/anywhere/anytime, then you might be very interested to read another item in the Post by Michelle Malkin, “The Barack Witch Project”. The Democrats are called out for automatically responding with cries of RACISM! every time anyone criticizes Obama: “Wink, blink or think critical thoughts about Obama? You’re a bigot!”


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