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Obama Economic Promises

14 Oct


Obama Supporters Spew Hate Too

14 Oct

All last week, the MSM kept circulating a message that John McCain crowds are all vile haters based on the responses of a couple people in the crowd. One can find plenty of hate-mongering on the Obama side too. We can’t ignore it just because the MSM won’t report on it.

Here’s a round up of several great articles highlighting the despicable acts of Obama supporters recently:

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The Weekly Standard: No One Ever Said “Kill Him” in About Obama

FoxNews: Obama Supporters Protest With Obscene Anti-Palin Shirts

HillBuzz: Obama supporter attacks McCain supporter in a Chili’s

Wall St Journal ‘Notable & Quotable’: Obama fans jammed WGN’s phone lines

Hillary Clinton Forum: Obama’s Truth Squad Censors Free Speech on BlogTalkRadio 

The Wackos on Both Sides Are More Vocal Now

14 Oct

As we head toward the home stretch of this election, tempers are heated and supporters on both sides are turning up the crazy nut job rhetoric to full volume. Wouldn’t it be nice if we as Americans could remain civil to each other? Maybe that’s hoping for too much.

Source: Fox News

John McCain has taken a lot of heat from critics who say he’s stoking anger and intolerance among his supporters. 

But the Republican nominee is not the only one with supporters whose comments and demonstrations on the race are obscene and, in some cases, violent. 

An array of T-shirts, for instance, displaying the image of Sarah Palin and some variation of the “C-word” are gaining new popularity as Election Day nears. A group of protesters outside Palin’s fundraiser in Philadelphia Saturday wore shirts emblazoned with the words, “Sarah Palin Is a C–T.” 

Cafe Press is selling a slew of off-color Palin T-shirts, including the one spotted in Philadelphia. (Granted, a shirt with the words “Barack Obama Is a Can’t” is also for sale on the site.) 

The Portland Tribune also reported over the weekend that two men in Oregon were arrested for throwing a Molotov cocktail at a large McCain campaign sign, igniting part of the structure. 

And on Monday at a McCain rally in North Carolina, an Obama supporter stood outside and repeatedly yelled, “McCain is a murderer.” 

One woman yelled back: “He fought for your right to say that.” 

Republicans argue that while neither campaign can curtail every action of its supporters, McCain is being unfairly depicted as the only candidate who attracts audience members with extreme views. 

“It’s something that we recognize — that neither campaign has complete control over their supporters,” McCain spokesman Tucker Bounds told “We’ve stood firmly behind our effort to try to hold our rallies to a higher level, and certainly we would expect the same from Barack Obama. 

“It is clear that on many occasions they have failed to keep their supporters above board,” he added. “(Voters) should understand that this is a phenomenon that plays itself out at both campaigns.” 

Indeed, both candidates are still attracting rowdy supporters. 

The mini-altercation in North Carolina took place a few hundred yards from a sign that read “NOBAMA” featuring side-by-side pictures of Obama and Osama bin Laden. posted a photo snapped at the McCain rally earlier in Virginia Beach showing audience members holding up signs that say: “Obama Bin Lyin’.” 

Bounds said the McCain campaign condemns such signs. 

Georgia Rep. John Lewis, a civil rights icon, accused McCain over the weekend of “sowing the seeds of hatred and division,” and compared his rallies to the “climate” created by segregationist Alabama Gov. George Wallace. 

The Lewis statement came after supporters at McCain’s rallies repeatedly yelled words like “socialist” and “terrorist” when the Republican candidate was discussing Obama. 

But both campaigns seem to be making an effort to dial back negative rhetoric, or at least calm down their crowds. 

Obama scolded his audience Monday in Toledo when they began booing at the very mention of McCain. “We don’t need that,” he said. “We just need to vote.” 

McCain corrected a woman Friday who said Obama is “an Arab,” drawing boos from the crowd. 

The Arizona senator, who objected to the Lewis statement, hasn’t been taking questions from his audience since last week, and on Monday made no mention of 1960s radical William Ayers. His campaign has used Obama’s ties to Ayers in recent weeks to question the Democratic candidate’s character and judgment. 

The charge did come up, however, when country music star Hank Williams Jr. played a warm-up act at a Palin rally in Richmond, Va., Monday. His song lyrics included reference to the “left-wing liberal media” and said the Republican running mates “don’t have radical friends to whom their careers are linked.” 

Speaking in Rochester, N.H., Monday, Joe Biden criticized McCain for launching “new attacks” on Obama. 

“John McCain wants to attack Barack Obama,” Biden said. “Barack Obama wants to attack America’s economic problems. It is that basic. It is that basic right now.” 

Democratic strategist Jehmu Greene said the offensive audience-member comments don’t belong in the race on either side. 

“There are fringe elements on all sides of the spectrum, and that’s what we’re seeing right now,” she told FOX News. 

But Chip Saltsman, former campaign manager for Mike Huckabee, told FOX News that Obama has not taken the steps McCain has to settle down his supporters and rein in bad behavior. 

“Barack Obama needs to come out and say, ‘My supporters should not do this’,” he said.

Obama Donations and Credit Card Fraud

14 Oct

By Michelle Malkin

Dead people. Fake people. Cartoon characters.

Now, it looks like Obama supporters are going after unsuspecting credit card fraud victims, too. Better check your Visa and Amex bills twice:

A North Kansas City couple has been left scratching their heads after they became the victims of a political scam.

Steve and Rachel Larman say a strange credit card charge appeared on their statement this month — a $2300 donation to Barack Obama’s presidential campaign. The Larman’s say they don’t want this to be about their political affiliation, but they say they’re not about to give the Obama campaign any help from their pocketbook.

They said they notified Chase, their credit card bank, to report the fraud.

“(They) said that they had seen-they were familiar with this,” said Steve Larman. “It was fraud, they believe through telemarketing but they were going to be doing some more investigations.”

The Larman’s don’t want their politics to enter into what is essentially just a fraudulent charge. But they say that the charge involves the Obama campaign adds insult to injury for the registered Republicans.

“They (Chase) kept on asking me ‘are you sure you wouldnt have gone to a site in support of Obama’,” said Rachel Larman. “And I repeatedly said ‘Im voting for McCain – I would not be going to an Obama site’.”

Chase dropped the charge from the Larman’s card. The couple is thankful thay they caught the charge on the card, but worried that others may not see that type of fraud on their own credit cards before it’s too late.


Hillary Says “Jobs, Baby, Jobs!”

14 Oct

As we inch painfully closer to having either Obama or McCain as President, I keep thinking ‘I wish it were Hillary’. Here’s Hillary out on the campaign trail in Horsham, PA declaring: “America will once again rise up from the ashes of the Bushes!” It would be easier to believe that if Hillary were at the top of the ticket this year instead of Obama.

Obama and Acorn

14 Oct

Via Wall St. Journal:

At the recent Emmy Awards, historian Laura Linney averred that America’s Founders had been “community organizers” — like Barack Obama. Too bad they aren’t like that any more. Mr. Obama’s kind of organizers work at Acorn, the militant advocacy group that is turning up in reports about voter fraud across the country.

[Review & Outlook] AP

Acorn — the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now — has been around since 1970 and boasts 350,000 members. We’ve written about them for years, but Acorn is now getting more attention as John McCain’s campaign makes an issue of the fraud reports and Acorn’s ties to Mr. Obama. It’s about time someone exposed this shady outfit that uses government dollars to lobby for larger government.

Acorn uses various affiliated groups to agitate for “a living wage,” for “affordable housing,” for “tax justice” and union and environmental goals, as well as against school choice and welfare reform. It was a major contributor to the subprime meltdown by pushing lenders to make home loans on easy terms, conducting “strikes” against banks so they’d lower credit standards.

But the organization’s real genius is getting American taxpayers to foot the bill. According to a 2006 report from the Employment Policies Institute (EPI), Acorn has been on the federal take since 1977. For instance, Acorn’s American Institute for Social Justice claimed $240,000 in tax money between fiscal years 2002 and 2003. Its American Environmental Justice Project received 100% of its revenue from government grants in the same years. EPI estimates the Acorn Housing Corporation alone received some $16 million in federal dollars from 1997-2007. Only recently, Democrats tried and failed to stuff an “affordable housing” provision into the $700 billion bank rescue package that would have let politicians give even more to Acorn.

All this money gives Acorn the ability to pursue its other great hobby: electing liberals. Acorn is spending $16 million this year to register new Democrats and is already boasting it has put 1.3 million new voters on the rolls. The big question is how many of these registrations are real.

The Michigan Secretary of State told the press in September that Acorn had submitted “a sizeable number of duplicate and fraudulent applications.” Earlier this month, Nevada’s Democratic Secretary of State Ross Miller requested a raid on Acorn’s offices, following complaints of false names and fictional addresses (including the starting lineup of the Dallas Cowboys). Nevada’s Clark County Registrar of Voters Larry Lomax said he saw rampant fraud in 2,000 to 3,000 applications Acorn submitted weekly.

Officials in Ohio are investigating voter fraud connected with Acorn, and Florida’s Seminole County is withholding Acorn registrations that appear fraudulent. New Mexico, North Carolina and Missouri are looking into hundreds of dubious Acorn registrations. Wisconsin is investigating Acorn employees for, according to an election official, “making people up or registering people that were still in prison.”

Then there’s Lake County, Indiana, which has already found more than 2,100 bogus applications among the 5,000 Acorn dumped right before the deadline. “All the signatures looked exactly the same,” said Ruthann Hoagland, of the county election board. Bridgeport, Connecticut estimates about 20% of Acorn’s registrations were faulty. As of July, the city of Houston had rejected or put on hold about 40% of the 27,000 registration cards submitted by Acorn.

That’s just this year. In 2004, four Acorn employees were indicted in Ohio for submitting false voter registrations. In 2005, two Colorado Acorn workers were found to have submitted false registrations. Four Acorn Missouri employees were indicted in 2006; five were found guilty in Washington state in 2007 for filling out registration forms with names from a phone book.

Which brings us to Mr. Obama, who got his start as a Chicago “community organizer” at Acorn’s side. In 1992 he led voter registration efforts as the director of Project Vote, which included Acorn. This past November, he lauded Acorn’s leaders for being “smack dab in the middle” of that effort. Mr. Obama also served as a lawyer for Acorn in 1995, in a case against Illinois to increase access to the polls.

During his tenure on the board of Chicago’s Woods Fund, that body funneled more than $200,000 to Acorn. More recently, the Obama campaign paid $832,000 to an Acorn affiliate. The campaign initially told the Federal Election Commission this money was for “staging, sound, lighting.” It later admitted the cash was to get out the vote.

The Obama campaign is now distancing itself from Acorn, claiming Mr. Obama never organized with it and has nothing to do with illegal voter registration. Yet it’s disingenuous to channel cash into an operation with a history of fraud and then claim you’re shocked to discover reports of fraud. As with Rev. Jeremiah Wright and William Ayers, Mr. Obama was happy to associate with Acorn when it suited his purposes. But now that he’s on the brink of the Presidency, he wants to disavow his ties.

The Justice Department needs to treat these fraud reports as something larger than a few local violators. The question is whether Acorn is systematically subverting U.S. election law — on the taxpayer’s dime.