What is Going On at MSNBC?

17 Oct

First, MSNBC covers a story (ACORN) that has a negative impact on Obama and now Chris ‘tingle up my leg’ Matthews asks an Obama surrogate a real bonafide question about Obama’s accomplishments.  

Has someone switched the Kool-Aid to plain water!?

It’s too late for MSNBC to get their credibility back (sorry Brian Williams & Tom Brokaw) but this actual reporting is certainly a welcome change to the regular unquestioning worship of Obama the network usually delivers.

Here Chris Matthews asks Obama surrogate NY Governor David Paterson to name a single accomplishment by Obama. He can’t think of one. No worries David Paterson, no one can.

MSNBC’S CHRIS MATTHEWS: “Can you give me a case where Barack Obama has reached across the aisle and cut a deal and gotten something done for the country? One example.”

GOVERNOR PATERSON: “Well, Senator Obama has been there two years and I can’t cite an example right now.”


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