GreataWire: Barack Obama the Ties that Bind

19 Oct

FOX New ran a special report hosted by Greta Van Susteren titled “Barack Obama the Ties that Bind”:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4


4 Responses to “GreataWire: Barack Obama the Ties that Bind”

  1. Natalie October 20, 2008 at 2:51 pm #

    just think what our country will be like if he actually does get into office.

  2. P. Caspari October 21, 2008 at 10:48 am #

    As a strong middle of the road Democrat I supported Hilary Clinton for President, not because she was a woman but because she was, in my opinion the best candidate the Democrats could have chosen. What always bothered me about Barak Obama is the machinery behind the facade and thus, even if Hilary Clinton had been chosen as his running mate, I could not ignore those feelings in the pit of my stomach and support an Obama Presidency. The uneasiness translated into feelings that Barak Obama would be so deep into so many pockets and support ideologies that rob individiuals of gaining self dignity by enabling self pity, that it would be impossible for him to be his own man in the oval office.
    Thank-you for reporting so astutely in your program “Obama the ties that Bind”. While my mind has become more aware of the pros and cons of the matters discussed: and while I digest possible sensationalism – though it was not reported in this manner – from fact, what it did bring to the forefront and into focus for me, is that Obama is a man who enjoys prestige, while earned, could destroy the last ounce of humility he posesses: a man who appears to crave fame so much, that it could cripple his ability to see danger rearing its ugly head directed at our country .
    I want a safer America, a safer world, a fairer more prosperous America, a more prosperous world. I cannot see that hapening under an Obama Presidency. The fact is, that we live in incredibly uncertain times and the man that sits in the Oval office as our President will be staring domestic and/or foreign terrorism threats of a warlike or economic nature squarely in the face, day in, day out. The oval office, nor the Congress, or Senate, cannot be used as a front to passing laws that weaken the American spirit or used as a tool for providing funds and support to organizations and groups, however many diguises they cloak themselves in, that want to destroy the very foundations that bring strength and stability not only to our country but to the world..
    McCain might not have been my first choice for the Presidency of our wonderful country, but he is a man of substance who has served our country with distinction and honor. I do beleive that as President he would reach across party lines and select the best qualified individuals for his administration, who display intuitive and keen intellects to represent our country on the national and international arenas with respect and honor.
    Our world is fraught with wonder and danger and I beleive that a strong United States of America reflecting the tenets upon which she was founded upon, is an essential beacon for a more peaceful undertanding world.

    While I do not agree with all of McCain’s stances, I do feel that John McCain, has proven to be his own man who dearly loves our country and the fundamentals upon which it was founded and who will be a strong, honrable President.
    While Obama waves the American flag and is a proud American and he and his supporters work hard to earn my vote, I cannot shake those feelings that persist in the pit of my stomach, that Obama is not his own man, but a man who could put the seduction of power before the good of our country. Too risky for me: too risky in my opinion, for our country and too risky for the world.

  3. jeanette hannett October 18, 2009 at 7:46 pm #

    greata what is happening to our usa the chester penna.firefighter was suspended beacause he put a flag decal on his locker are they all obamas muslin buddies there

  4. ROBERT THOMPSON March 20, 2012 at 10:07 pm #

    You can never find the right place to go for anything from fox

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