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Media Bias and Biden Gaffe Coverage Discussed

26 Oct

SNL: Sen. Biden and Rep. Murtha Spoof

26 Oct

Too funny! I’m glad Saturday Night Live found a way to use Biden’s “Gird your loins!” quote. Love it!

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What I Will Do If Obama Were To Win (which I don’t think he will)

26 Oct

A commentor in another thread asked:

“ok….. Now what will you do if Obama wins this election? I am not saying he will, but if he does, what will you do other than live with it? I can’t seem to get any answers from anyone. Democrats, Republicans?

Here’s my answer: I’m confident I would find a way to deal with an Obama win just as I was able to deal with the 2000 and 2004 win of another candidate I didn’t support (George Bush). I would have to find a way to accept it if a majority of my fellow Americans were to select Obama as their choice.

I don’t have to like it. I don’t have to vote for him myself, but I would have to accept the will of the people. That’s how democracy works and I like democracy, so I’ll abide by the rules.

Then, on Nov 5th, I’d dedicate myself to helping the politicians I do support, while also lobbying my congressmen (yeah, they’re all men in my state) to support the legislation I believe in too.

If it looks like Reid, Pelosi, Obama are going hog wild in Washington, then I’ll harp on my congressmen to reign them in. I don’t know if it will make a difference or not, but I’ll sure try.

I’ll speak up more; I’ll yell louder. I’ll put my meager funds (what is left after Obama redistributes the wealth) to work harder than ever before towards politicians, policies, and causes I believe in.

The days of being a complacent voter are over for me. That’s the result of two awful Bush administrations. I’m all fired up to prevent further damaging screw ups by any future White House administrations.

I also intend to work as hard as ever to get more women into office. We need more leaders like Stephanie Tubbs-Jones and Hillary Clinton. That is my priority #1regardless of who wins the election.

Jon Stewart had a great comment in Entertainment Weekly a couple months ago. In the issue where he and Stephen Colbert appeared on the cover in a satire of the New Yorker Obama cover, Entertainment Weekly asked: Do you think anything will change if the Democrats control the White House and both houses of Congress?

JON STEWART replied: “Look at what they promised when they took over Congress. I’ve never heard such hardcore rhetoric. ”The era of the blank check is over! And we will send a sternly worded memorandum — nonbinding — to somebody at the White House. Not necessarily the inner executive circle, we certainly don’t want to offend, but…” And then they got in and were like, ”Really, you want to eavesdrop? Okay, we’ll let this one go. But this is the last blank check! Unless you want another. But let me say this: The next one will not be blank, because we’ll just write in the memo line. Can we write in memo? Would you be bothered by that?”

In other-words, an Obama win doesn’t change what is already broken in Washington. It just gives the dem players a power boost. Are you satisfied with the job the dems in Congress have done so far? I’m not. Giving them more power doesn’t seem like a good solution when they can’t handle what they already have. I certainly  don’t need or want Congressman Barney Frank playing with the US economy again. Pelosi’s leadership is lacking.

I like the idea of having John McCain as President and the dems in control in Congress. The governing split among the two parties would force them to work together to get anything done. It’s not the ideal way to get bipartisanship, but it will suffice.  Forcing everyone to compromise and work together for America is the necessary as both parties have shown a remarkable inability to find solutions unless they’re forced by angry voters.

I want an overhaul of the dem party and the dem primary process. The caucus system is not fair to all dem voters. There was fraud and manipulation that awarded delegates in a way that defied common sense. We need to fix the process. I don’t care for how Howard Dean and Donna Brazile handled the dem party either. We need a full scale operation cleanse and purge within the DNC. PUMA Pac, Riverdaughter at The Confluence, and Democrats for Principle Before Party are fired up to work on that post election. I’m happy to help where/when I can on that front too.

I hope Obama does not win. I question his leadership ability, his experience level, and his judgement. I don’t think Obama can win. He doesn’t have enough Hillary supporters backing him. The dem base is not united. If I am wrong and Obama were to win, I’d continue to support the people and issues I believe in. That won’t change for me regardless of who is ultimately the ‘winner’.

Happy Birthday Hillary!

26 Oct