LA Times Holding Back Obama AudioTape at Khalidi Event in 2003

27 Oct

The LA Times is sitting on a story about Obama at a 2003 Chicago event honoring Palestinian Rashid Khalidi, at which Obama was present while rampant anti-Semetic, anti-Israel hate was spewed.

Obama did nothing to stop it — and instead  joined in the praise heaped upon Khalidi.

The LA Times shut the story down and refused to release the tape, because it would obviously hurt Obama with Jewish voters and all Americans who understand the importance of our historic and strategic friendship with Israel.

Jesse Jackson has already gone on record admitting an Obama Administration would abandon these ties to Israel in favor of stronger ties with the Palestianians and Arab states., violently altering US foreign policy along the lines proposed by Obama’s chief foreign policy advisor, Samantha Power (you might remember her as the one who called Hillary Clinton a monster during the primaries, but she’s also the author of several crazy books that, in a nutshell, call for reducing the United States to the level of socialist European countries, without much say in world affairs, wholly under dictate of the United Nations).

What we think is going to happen Monday and Tuesday is for a lot of people to wake up in the face of this audiotape of Obama talking about his socialist agenda back in 2001 — and ask what OTHER tapes are out there on Obama.

The obvious one is the tape the LA Times is holding back — we know it exists. A writer at the Times has said it exists. So the next step is for Americans to demand the Times release it.

It will be hard for the Times to keep a lid on this after the public catches wind of this audiotape of Obama on Chicago radio.

What else don’t we know about this man?

The Times has another clue into who he really is — why aren’t they releasing it?


Los Angeles Times
202 W. 1st St.
Los Angeles, CA 90012
Phone: (213) 237-5000
Fax: (213) 237-7679


We need to hit the LA Times in three separate rounds:

(1) Direct calls to every department and extension at the LA Times all day – coupled with nonstop faxes – demanding the Times release the Obama Khalidi tape they are holding.

(2) Research every major advertiser in the LA Times, and launch the same operation at all of them: calling their CEOs and Boards of Directors to demand they pressure the Times to release this tape.

(3) All of the above, directed at the Times parent company, as well as the other major media corporations, calling them out for holding back this tape to protect Obama.

Help find as many phone numbers, contact names, advertisers, and other people to call related to this and add them as comments to this post.

There is a strong case to be made that, based on the development today pushed by Drudge regarding this 2001 audiotape of Obama’s true socialist agenda, it’s in the public’s interest for the Times to release what it knows: it is painfully obvious the media is protecting Obama, and with just 8 days left in this election, Americans need to know the truth.

The Times risks what remains of its credibility by not releasing that tape now.

We need to tell them that — and need to tell the Times’ advertisers that we will hold their companies responsible if the paper they choose to advertise in does not honor its journalistic duty to report the truth on Obama now.


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