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Another Biden Slip of the Tongue

28 Oct

First Obama said that 250k would be the threshold for higher taxes. Now Biden says it’s 150K!

Just a classic example of Biden being Biden. I wonder how often the Obama camp regrets not begging Hillary to be VP over Biden? I feel no sympathy for the campaign. They knew what they were getting when they signed on with Biden. He’s the gaffer who keeps giving.

Biden says 150K video:


‘View’ Panel Agree: Palin Noose an Outrage

28 Oct

The ladies on The View can’t seem to agree on much these days, but did find agreement on the idiot who hung a mannequin dressed up as Sarah Palin by a noose in front of his house. They condemned it as a despicable and awful act that is not funny. For once, I completely agree with them.

via Newsbusters

Unlike the network morning news shows, the Sarah Palin hanging in effigy was covered by, surprisingly, “The View.” On the October 28 edition, the panel, as they should be, was unanimous in condemning inflammatory Halloween decoration. The best remark came from, yet another surprise, Joy Behar. Hinting at media double standards Behar cried “if they had done it to Obama, it would cause a tremendous hoopla.”

Behar, who normally attempts to play the equivocation game, offered no such attempt on this subject adding “as much as I disagree with her politics, it’s outrageous. It’s stupid.” The others chimed in as well as Whoopi Goldberg asserted “you just don’t do that.” Sherri Shepherd raised concerns about Sarah Palin’s children. Elisabeth Hasselbeck declared “it’s not even worth hearing what [the house owner] has to say.”

Presidential Candidate Halloween Masks

28 Oct

Sarah Palin Paper Mask

Think this year’s election is scary? Just wait till you see which candidates are at your door on Halloween. So far, Obama masks are the top seller.

But this year’s Halloween campaign has a dark horse: Sarah Palin. Because of her relatively late announcement as a vice presidential candidate, costume suppliers were unprepared.

‘‘The costume manufacturers scrambled to identify a wig in their line that would work for her style and truthfully no one had anything that was exactly perfect, but I know they’re working on it,’’ said Dorice Dionne, co-founder of iParty. ‘‘It’s the same story for the eyeglasses. But we’re making do with traditional beehive wigs and granny glasses for now and they’re selling.’’

With such a long election cycle, and a hot presidential race, many of the stores stocked their shelves before the nominees had been decided. That means plenty of Rudy Giuliani, Mitt Romney and Hillary Clinton masks to go around.

Meanwhile, iParty had to order more Palin-esque wigs for its 50 stores. came up with a 99 cent paper mask for Palin.

At the top of the ticket, Obama had 68 percent of early presidential mask sales at Spirit Halloween and 55 percent at; both companies claim their mask sales have predicted past winners. But of course, wearing a mask is not always an indicator of support.

‘‘As unreliable as some polls can be, this would be a really bad polling device,’’ said Robert Thompson, director of the Bleier Center for Television and Popular Culture at Syracuse University.

Palin might also be the easiest costume to pull off without a mask, he notes. McCain looks like a regular old man, he said, while someone darkening his or her skin to be Obama may be accused of wearing blackface.

For Palin, the best thing people can do is ‘‘a hockey jersey and some lipstick and your hair up in a bun,’’ says Steven Silverstein, President and CEO of Spirit Halloween, a seasonal Halloween retailer with more than 600 locations.

And consider that for women, it’s a rare opportunity to dress as a candidate on the national ticket.


UPDATE: Looking for a quick, easy, inexpensive halloween mask? Here’s a site where you can download and print a presidential candidate mask.


28 Oct

This is hardly a surprise to anyone, but Joe the Plumber has officially come out and endorsed John McCain.

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — “Joe the Plumber” is endorsing John McCain.

The Ohio plumber, whose real name is Samuel Wurzelbacher, campaigned Tuesday for the Republican presidential candidate in Columbus, the first stop in a day-long bus tour.

Wurzelbacher is a registered Republican but until now had declined to say who he was voting for.

Wurzelbacher said Democrat Barack Obama would make America a socialist nation because Obama wants to redistribute wealth. He said he thinks Obama would target the middle class for tax hikes.

Wurzelbacher became an overnight media sensation after he was referred to constantly in the final presidential debate.