Presidential Candidate Halloween Masks

28 Oct

Sarah Palin Paper Mask

Think this year’s election is scary? Just wait till you see which candidates are at your door on Halloween. So far, Obama masks are the top seller.

But this year’s Halloween campaign has a dark horse: Sarah Palin. Because of her relatively late announcement as a vice presidential candidate, costume suppliers were unprepared.

‘‘The costume manufacturers scrambled to identify a wig in their line that would work for her style and truthfully no one had anything that was exactly perfect, but I know they’re working on it,’’ said Dorice Dionne, co-founder of iParty. ‘‘It’s the same story for the eyeglasses. But we’re making do with traditional beehive wigs and granny glasses for now and they’re selling.’’

With such a long election cycle, and a hot presidential race, many of the stores stocked their shelves before the nominees had been decided. That means plenty of Rudy Giuliani, Mitt Romney and Hillary Clinton masks to go around.

Meanwhile, iParty had to order more Palin-esque wigs for its 50 stores. came up with a 99 cent paper mask for Palin.

At the top of the ticket, Obama had 68 percent of early presidential mask sales at Spirit Halloween and 55 percent at; both companies claim their mask sales have predicted past winners. But of course, wearing a mask is not always an indicator of support.

‘‘As unreliable as some polls can be, this would be a really bad polling device,’’ said Robert Thompson, director of the Bleier Center for Television and Popular Culture at Syracuse University.

Palin might also be the easiest costume to pull off without a mask, he notes. McCain looks like a regular old man, he said, while someone darkening his or her skin to be Obama may be accused of wearing blackface.

For Palin, the best thing people can do is ‘‘a hockey jersey and some lipstick and your hair up in a bun,’’ says Steven Silverstein, President and CEO of Spirit Halloween, a seasonal Halloween retailer with more than 600 locations.

And consider that for women, it’s a rare opportunity to dress as a candidate on the national ticket.


UPDATE: Looking for a quick, easy, inexpensive halloween mask? Here’s a site where you can download and print a presidential candidate mask.


2 Responses to “Presidential Candidate Halloween Masks”

  1. Wendy Moyle October 28, 2008 at 2:06 pm #

    After counting nearly 100,000 votes, visitors to the party supply web site decided that Barack Obama would make the scariest Halloween costume of all the 2008 presidential candidates. A poll on the party company’s website asked visitors which presidential candidate would make the scariest Halloween costume and Democrat Barack Obama received 57% of votes.

    Senator John McCain was voted the second scariest at 36%. Third party candidates placed far behind the Democratic and Republican candidates. Ralph Nadar of the Green Party was considered scariest by 4% of voters while Robert Barr of the Libertarian Party, Charles Baldwin of the Constitution Party and Cynthia Ann McKinney each received 1% of the votes.

    Along with hundreds of different Halloween costumes, ShindigZ makes having a scary political Halloween costume easy with their affordable vinyl masks of both Obama and McCain, as well as of former Democratic contender Hillary Clinton.

    The election season continues past Halloween and ShindigZ has patriotic party supplies, red, white and blue decorations, custom vinyl banners and yard signs perfect for “Get Out the Vote” parties this election season or hosting election events such as rallies, debate watch-parties or Election Night celebration parties. With an election this heated, there’s plenty of reason to put a party together and watch the 2008 presidential race unfold.

  2. HOB October 28, 2008 at 2:15 pm #

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