Plenty of Room on Biden’s Plane for Ousted Reporters

1 Nov




Come on over boys. There’s plenty of room.

After the Obama campaign announced it’s removing reporters from the Washington Times, New York Post, and Dallas Morning News from the campaign plane, spokesman Bill Burton encouraged exiled media members to travel with Obama’s number 2, Joe Biden.

As a member of the Biden traveling press, I’d like to formally extend an invitation to our ousted brethren. In fact, I’d recommend the change of scenery. Traveling with the VP nominee has its advantages. For instance:

1) Space. There’s a lot of it. I mean, a LOT. The Obama campaign says they had to kick certain news outlets off the plane because of excessive demand for seats. On the Biden plane, every reporter has his own row, and there are even a few with nobody in them at all. And that’s AFTER we had reporters from the New York Times, Reuters, the Washington Post, and Time Magazine join up just in the last few days. Get in while you can still get the extra leg room.

2) Pressure. Minimal. Sure, the candidate may something crazy every now and again, but nobody’s really paying attention. Biden himself often says “Vice Presidents aren’t much,” and he’s even the second banana among the second banana candidates — Sarah Palin gets twice the media coverage. So if you’re sick of always having to work, work, work to come up with content for your editors, this is the plane for you.

3) Access. OK, so Biden won’t talk to you either, but according to CBS the Obama plane smells terrible, so I think Biden comes out ahead. (For the record, I always thought the Obama plane smelled like a combination of leather and Fabreeze, which is not at all unpleasant).

So to all you reporters feeling unloved and unwanted on the big boy plane, hop on board Obama Force 2. We’ve got a seat in the press file and an extra boxed lunch waiting for you.



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