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Hillary Supporter Tells Why He’s Voting McCain

2 Nov

I ended yesterday’s show with six words – seven words, as that scrappy kid from Scranton Joe Biden might say.

“Go McCain, go Palin, go Phillies.”

All three are winners as far as I’m concerned.

My decision to vote for the senator from Arizona and the governor from Alaska didn’t come easily.

I still believe that Hillary Clinton would make the best president.

But after losing the fixed title fight that was so stacked by the political bosses of the seedy gentlemen’s club known as the Democratic National Committee, the senator from New York now has other matters on her mind.

Good soldier that she is, Hillary’s campaigning for Barack Obama and Biden.

Radical independent that I am, I’m campaigning for McCain and Palin.

Although I’m still a liberal leftist who disagrees with 80 percent of McCain’s and Palin’s public policy positions, the 20 percent of what they represent and with which I do agree puts me over the top.

I want to shake up Washington. I want to rock Congress. I want to rattle cages in the House and Senate so loudly that the office doors fall off the hinges. I want to crack down on corruption and hold public servants accountable. I want to fight the good old boys who run the club and the women who tolerate them and dance to their music. I want good government once and for all.

And I’m willing to fight for it – losing friends and family relationships in the process.

That goes for Chicago Mayor Richard Daley and his wife, my cousin Maggie, whom I was never really close to in the first place. Dirty Chicago politics created Obama. And the Daley who now runs the machine has a dangerous vision for America.

Late-night America already has a Daley show that’s often too tough to swallow.

Like McCain, I want campaign finance reform, something that liberal Democrats always cherished until Obama broke his word and effectively killed the hope of people who know it’s wrong for candidates to be able to buy their way into office.

Like McCain, I also want immigration reform. McCain tried his best to provide a humane and rational reform. But Democrats failed to back him when America needed it most.

But, although I long ago tore up my Democratic voter registration card on the air during a show and sent the pieces to DNC Chairman Howard Dean, I still want Democrats in Congress. I want Democrats to earn that majority and win even more than 60 Senate seats so they hold a filibuster-proof majority.

And, if that happens, I vow to do my best to hold these Democrats even more accountable than ever. I want to flush out the phonies. I want criminal investigations and federal grand juries. I want fierce campaign finance reform that will prohibit candidates from taking cash from the powerful special interests and financial hustlers that Congress is charged with overseeing.

McCain and Palin offer me hope that real change might come with them serving at the top.

As much as anything, though, I want Democrats to act like real Democrats – brave public servants who will remain true to the party platform and fight for people who lack a voice. I want the return of liberty and justice for all. I want ribald leadership from real statesmen and stateswomen who are willing to stand and fall if necessary on principle and honor.

Party poopers need not apply.

I’ve been writing about politics for more than 30 years – with more than 20 of those years as a daily newspaper columnist who also specialized in covering violent crime. I’ve covered four national political conventions, both Republican and Democrat. I’m skeptical of everybody. But I’m still willing to trust. And I’m willing to trust McCain and Palin, both of whom I respect immensely.

No candidate is perfect. All candidates are flawed. But sometimes flaws give birth to strength. Mistakes often turn to muscle.

I’ll still fight McCain and Palin on their policies with which I disagree. For example, I’ll always support a woman’s right to choose to have an abortion. And I’ll fight McCain, Palin, Obama and Biden in my quest for human rights for everybody – particularly gay and lesbian people who want to get married.

But McCain and Palin offer the best course for an American overhaul of government that is long overdue.

Go McCain.

Go Palin.

Go Phillies.

Go America.


No luck for ‘Obamas’ in Brazil Elections

2 Nov

SAO PAULO, Brazil -Maybe they should have tried “John McCain.”

At least eight “Barack Obamas” who borrowed the Democratic presidential candidate’s name to run in Brazilian local elections lost.

The defeat of the so-called Obamas came in municipal elections on Sunday that selected mayors and council members in more than 5,000 cities across the nation — and saw the ruling Workers Party and allies of President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva make gains across the nation.

Brazilian electoral law allows candidates to put any name on the ballot as long as it isn’t offensive. Some used the name Bin Laden, and others resorted to French soccer player Zinedine Zidane. No one was known to use the name of McCain, the Republican presidential candidate.

“The name Obama definitely helped,” said Claudio Henrique dos Anjos, who used it to run for mayor of Belford Roxo on the outskirts of Rio de Janeiro. “It opened the doors for me to talk about projects. It brought a positive result.”

But official results show he didn’t get a single vote, though he disputes the count.

“I’ll still keep the political name Obama,” Dos Anjos said. “Not only because of the admiration I have for him, but also because it is the nickname the people gave to me. It’s how they know me.”

Some Brazilian candidates mistakenly think they can attract more voters by using the quirk in the ballot law, said political scientist David Fleischer said.

“They are opportunists trying to use popular figures to their advantage,” Fleischer said. “It doesn’t work.”

SNL Video: McCain QVC Sketch

2 Nov

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SNL Video: Affleck Does Olbermann

2 Nov
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You Betcha!

2 Nov

This is so adorable…

JSND: Closing Argument Conference Call Today

2 Nov

For Immediate Release:
Hillary Supporters, PUMAs & Fence Straddlers,
You’re Invited To Join:
Just Say No Deal’s Closing Argument Conference Call
Sunday, November 2, 5:00 PM ET

The Just Say No Deal coalition, a group of Senator Hillary Clinton’s most ardent supporters, will be holding its final conference call of this election season on Sunday, November 2, 2008 from 5:00 to 6:30PM EST.

Guests include:

  • Charlie Crist, Governor of Florida
  • Rudy Giuliani, Former Mayor of New York City
  • Larry Johnson, PhD.
  • Lynette Long, PhD.
  • Lady Lynn de Rothschild
  • Will Bower, National Spokesperson, PUMA & Just Say No Deal

Listen Online at BlogTalkRadio (hosted by NoQuarterUSA):

Or Dial: (218) 486-1662
Access Code: 82114#

WASHINGTON DC & NATIONWIDE – The Just Say No Deal coalition, a group of Senator Hillary Clinton’s most ardent supporters, is hosting its Closing Argument Nationwide Conference Call, Sunday, November 2, 5PM et. High-profile Democrats including Lady Lynn De Rothschild and Dr. Lynette Long join Moderate Republicans Charlie Crist and Rudy Guiliani in a plea to Hillary Supporters, PUMAs and Undecided Voters during this 1 hour 30 minute call, which will also be streamed live over the internet.

Since its inception on the weekend of Hillary Clinton’s suspension speech, Just Say No Deal put Country Before Party by vocalizing opposition to thuggery, sexism, voter disenfranchisement, caucus fraud and corruption within the Democratic Party, in mainstream media and in the blogosphere.

The distinguished guests will specifically make their case to former Hillary Clinton supporters, who are still on the fence, as to why they should cast their votes for John McCain and Sarah Palin on Tuesday, November 4th. The panel will cover a host of topics based on questions posed by Just Say No Deal members via email.

Thank you,


2 Nov