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Bob Schieffer of CBS News: “GO VOTE”

3 Nov

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Election Eve

3 Nov

Candidate X and Candidate Y

3 Nov

My Voting Strategy Series

3 Nov

Over at Riverdaughter’s The Confluence, they’re running a wonderful series of posts titled “My Voting Strategy”

I highly recommend reading them all. It’s a wonderful pre-election treat.

Misogyny, by MadamaB

Democracy, by SM

Time For Change, by GaryChapelHill

A Long and Winding Road, by BostonBoomer

Just Say No To Derangement, by MyIQ2xu

Honor, by Riverdaughter

A Better Tomorrow, by Dakinikat

I Guess I Just Wasn’t Looking: A Voting Strategy In Hindsight, by Regency

Balance, by Mawm

Loyalty, by Katiebird

No Obama

3 Nov

Vote and Get Free Starbucks Coffee

3 Nov
3 Nov

Republicans all told me that they were treated unfairly by the 'left wing, liberal' media. (Amos Roberts)