Congratulations, President-Elect Barack Obama

5 Nov

This post from Dirty Harry posted last night sums up my thoughts exactly…


It’s impossible not to be touched by the history that unfolded tonight. Just the vision of a President Obama, his First Lady and their two beautiful girls inhabiting the White House goes so far beyond politics I confess to looking forward to it, if only because of what it says about America.

Of course Barack Obama will be my President. And I wish him all the success in the world in bringing prosperity and security to America. Nothing would make me happier than for him to leave office remembered as one of our greatest Presidents.

When it comes to what’s best for this country, I will recognize when he does right, never celebrate his failures (much), and should he ever decide to put American men and women into a foreign conflict I consider unwise, that disagreement will become a cry for victory the moment boots hit ground.

I was sure the most difficult part of defeat tonight would be in knowing that haters like Keith Olbermann, Chris Matthews, Jeffrey Wells, Bill Maher, John Cusack and their ilk in the unholy HuffPo, liberal Hollywood, corrupt media crowd would have a good night. Even as I write this a gang of jerk-off college kids, flush with victory, are taunting President Bush in front of the White House. But when I watched the crowd celebrating in Chicago’s Grant Park, I realized most of Obama’s supporters are no different than me. As Vice President-elect Joe Biden might say, God love ‘em.

Certainly I’m disappointed by tonight’s outcome and tomorrow it’s game back on in the war of ideas. But for now I take a breath and recognize that the great and grand wisdom of the American people has spoken. There’s no doubt our history is about to lurch off in a new direction and if nothing else the ride promises to be an exciting one.

I recognize many of you are disappointed, some bitterly so. But I remind you that like all elections, 2008 is but a battle in an unending, bloodless war of passionate ideas. Sure, we lost this one. But comebacks are inevitable.

This is America. And I remain as excited and optimistic about the future as I was yesterday, and last year, and the year before that. This evening a center-right country gave a relatively unknown, liberal black man the keys to its future. Whether or not that was the right decision, time will tell. But what’s worthy of recognition tonight is what that decision reveals about the character of America.

All the passion, anger, frustration, anguish, hope, fear, and loathing that went into this election, and yet tonight power transferred without a drop of blood being spilled.

I love elections. Even when I lose them.


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