How Did This Happen?

5 Nov

mccainobamaI’m still reeling from all that has happened within the past 24 hours. So much has changed and yet so much is the same. New positions for old dems are the talk of the day. Will it be Kerry for Secretary of State? It looks like Rahm Emanuel, former Clinton admin, will be Chief of Staff. Many more names, positions, placements will come in the days ahead. For now, it’s worth investigating how this happened.

I’m not up for the painful analysis just yet. To the rescue comes the awesome, powerful, and super-dedicated Hillbuzz. They’ve already done the introspection for us.

Here is their take on how it happened along with their thoughts on how we can make things work moving forward. I may not agree with every bit, but much of it is worth reading.

I’m certain more theories and more insight will emerge in the days ahead. It’s important to understand how/why this happened so we can apply what works toward future candidates we want in office. Just as we learned much from the weaselly ways the republicans worked to elect Bush twice, we can learn much from how the Obama camp worked to elect their candidate.


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