Morning After Thoughts

5 Nov

Well, after a tumultuous sleep, I’m facing a new day. It’s not a hopey-changey day for me, but I can appreciate how it is for many others who have waited lifetimes for this historic moment.  

I am proud that history is being made with our first AA president. That pride, that acheivement in our country, is a wonder. I enthusiastically support breaking down that barrier. We’re a better nation for having done it.

I wish we were celebrating another barrier broken- that of women in higher office. I believe Hillary would have been a terrific President. I’m positive she would have been an amazing VP. Sadly, that was not to be this time. One day a woman will break that glass ceiling. I hope I will be around to see it happen.   

Obama is not my choice. I have questions. I’m skeptical that someone (anyone) with such little governing experience is equiped to be a great president. That said, Obama has won the election. He has earned the right to try and prove to me that he can do it. It is my deep hope for all of us that he can become the leader so many already believe he is.

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