The Media Carried Him the Whole Way

6 Nov

Will it continue now that he’s crossed the finish line? At least one ‘journalist’ intends to keep carrying him. “Tingle up my leg” Matthews intends to continue his ‘job’ being a mouthpiece for Obama propaganda. I would expect nothing less from head co-cheerleader Chris Matthews.



One Response to “The Media Carried Him the Whole Way”

  1. Brian H November 6, 2008 at 9:06 pm #

    It was more than the media, but of course the blackout of any serious questioning of his background and qualifications left much of the electorate comfortably ignorant enough to vote for him.

    Maybe the FEC will prove it’s worth more than the cost of the paper it pushes. He broke so many electoral laws that Chicago must be incredibly proud of him!!

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