Call for Writers

9 Nov


Call for Writers

Contributors wanted for upcoming anthology Forever Changed: Tales from the Campaign Trail, edited by Lynette Long and Joan Lipkin.

The 2008 presidential race and resulting election of Barack Obama galvanized a nation and changed the lives of those who were involved. It is essential that our stories be told, especially since many of them were overlooked or misrepresented in the mainstream media.

Please consider submitting a piece about your experiences or perceptions.  The book will most likely be organized in a time sequenced fashion -starting with Hillary’s announcement of her candidacy to the coronation of Barack Obama.


To avoid replication and to help create a viable framework for the book, we propose picking one or more of the suggested topics.  These suggestions are not meant to be literal titles or topics but rather used as a guide to help stimulate your creativity and thinking.  Several pieces may be published under each topic.  Some topics may be eliminated and additional topics may be added based on the response.  The idea of the book is to present an overview of Hillary’s candidacy through the hearts and minds of the people impacted by her campaign.

Suggested topics:
The Announcement of Hillary’s Run for the Presidency
The Oprah Effect
The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants Suit
The Kennedy’s
Iowa Caucus
Mainstream Media Bias
The Great Debates
Sexism, Racism, Ageism
Blogs and Blogging
What It Was Like to Be on the Campaign Trail
Effects on Friendships Old and/or New
New Political Alliances
Traveling the Country
Caucus Fraud
We Will Not Be Silenced
Women Count PAC
The Rules and By Laws Committee Meeting
Delegates and Super Delegates
On Being a Puma
The Rise of New Feminism
Family Discord Regarding the Election
Just Say No Deal
The Why of Anonymous and Pseudonyms
Money, Money, Money
The Electability Watch
Letter Writing Campaigns
Hillary Clinton for Vice President
The Nomination of Sarah Palin
The Denver Group
The 300 Delegate Project
The Denver Convention
Switching from Clinton to McCain
Switching from Clinton to Obama
Principle over Party
The New Agenda
Real Democrats
The Coronation of Obama

In addition to original essays, we will look for the best of the blogosphere to add to the collection.  If you have written something on a blog or seen something on a blog, that you think is exceptional, please forward us a link.

For essays, word count should be between 1000 and 4000 words. Shorter pieces, anecdotes and poems to bridge various sections will also be considered.

All contributors are required to include one paragraph which explains your involvement in this year’s historic campaign. 

Maybe you were a blogger, a fundraiser, an armchair observer, or someone who volunteered at the polls. It will help readers put your piece in perspective and understand you better.  In addition, please submit a separate 100 word bio suitable for publication.

All submitted essays will be considered for publication but publication is not guaranteed.  Remuneration will be one copy of the book. After publication, copyrights will revert back to contributors. 

We’d like to get the book out as quickly as possible to capitalize on the energy related to this historic election. We are contacting publishers as we speak.  Therefore, deadline for submissions are Dec 20, 2008.  You may submit more than one essay although we are likely to only select one by each person to get the broadest view points.

Please send manuscripts to both and Include your name, email address, mailing address and phone number. In order to increase the credibility of the product, all articles must be written in the authors own name.  No blog names will be accepted.  All documents should be sent as word attachments with numbered papers, in Ariel font and 12 point type.

Thank you for considering participating in this important project. The election may be over but its documentation is crucial as we go forward into a more progressive future.  We look forward to hearing from each and every one of you. 

Open your hearts, tell us how you feel, how you have changed. 

Lynette Long & Joan Lipkin


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