Presidential Pooch Watch

11 Nov

A four-month old puppy that goes by the name "Ears" ...

Ever since president-elect Obama mentioned that his kids are getting a puppy, dog lovers around the world have been panting with anticipation to learn what kind of dog will become first pup.

Obama, who described the decision as a “major issue,” is on the hunt for an allergy-free dog, since daughter Malia is allergic. Seeing that Obama is the first “global president,” it’s not surprising that the Fido frenzy has gone international.

Peru has suggested its native Peruvian hairless dog, a bald, toothless breed, which actually looks cuter than it sounds. (You can get better acquainted with the breed here.) The country even has a specific dog in mind. Nicknamed “Ears,” the four-month-old has been offered formally to the future first family in a letter sent to the U.S. Embassy. If the Obama girls reject the Peruvian pup, we hope it won’t create an international incident.

But if the Obamas want to go American, there are plenty of allergy-free dogs to choose from. In fact, Yahoo! searches on “list of hypoallergenic dogs” surged over 3,000% as the curious researched on their own. Lookups on “goldendoodle,” another low-allergy breed, increased 200%, as well as searches on “obama goldendoodle” and “goldendoodle rescue.” As Obama mentioned himself, the family’s preference is to adopt a dog from a shelter. A shelter dog would likely be, as he joked, “a mutt, like me.”

It may be the first difficult choice of his presidency. But at least this decision will come with unconditional love.



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