Bill Clinton Giving Up the Goods to the Obama Team?

19 Nov

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Some husbands send flowers. Some buy chocolate. In the Hillary-Bill relationship, he gives up sources of foreign income and names of donors to show his support.

As the Obama transition team vetsHillary Clinton for a possible appointment as Secretary of State, a reported sticking point in the process has been Bill and his charitable foundation. The Clinton Global Initiative, a subset of the William J. Clinton Foundation, has extensive overseas dealings, possible conflicts-of-interest should his wife become secretary of state.

AP is reporting today that Hillary believes “the job is hers if she wants it.” And there are multiple reports that the former president is making concessions in the Obama team’s vetting requests, including an AP report that Clinton “has agreed to release the names of several major donors to his charitable foundation and will submit future foundation activities and paid speeches to a strict ethics review, said Democrats knowledgeable about the discussions.”

The New York Times says, “He would also cede day-to-day responsibility for his foundation so long as his wife, Hillary Rodham Clinton, served.”

Politico comes with the most intriguing information of the day — that an announcement of a formal offer, should it be made, could come as early as next week.

This flurry of new reports comes amidst two pieces of interesting news. The first is that Hillary may not be sold on the job and wants to try her hand at health-care reform again.  The other is that in a new Rasmussen report, 33 percent of people polled thought Colin Powell would do the best work at his old job in State (28 percent  thought Hillary Clinton would be best). Rasmussen says that “none of the other possible candidates comes even close,” including John McCain (17 percent), Al Gore (6 percent), and Richard Lugar (5 percent).

source: Yahoo


One Response to “Bill Clinton Giving Up the Goods to the Obama Team?”

  1. fsteele November 19, 2008 at 8:14 pm #

    HIllaryis44 has links to much information which is already public about the Clintons’ finances and charities. This ‘vetting’ insult came up during the VP speculations also.

    I expect it is just BO stirring up media smokescreen to keep more important things from being reported.

    I hope it’s cover for some more good old Clintonistas getting into the new administration. I’d particularly like to see the Clintons’ Treasury Sec Larry Summers back in his old job. That team cleaned up after BUsh Sr so they are the logical ones to clean up after Bush Jr. Summers also handled bailout loans to Mexico, making a profit for the US.

    During his term as Secretary of the Treasury, Summers was praised for “a keen sense of tact and thoughtfulness. Murray calls Summers the most political Treasury secretary ever, pointing out that he is the only man to hold the job in recent memory who did not make any major public blunders.” “Summers sailed through his years as Treasury secretary, retaining his bold hand while avoiding any major conflicts with foreign leaders or domestic policy makers.”

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