Obama Team Wants to Control Bill if Hillary is Sect. of State

19 Nov


According to sources like Political Punch, the Obama people would like tighter control of what Bill does and says in the future and the Clinton folks are not comfortable with restrictions they deem ‘severe’.

The view from Camp Clinton is that the Obama Team would too severely restrict what Bill Clinton is able to do to simply make a living. One source says the Obama Team seems to think it can demand that the former president abide by the restrictions put on a general government official, which just isn’t tenable.

There has even been talk of the Obama White House wanting to approve every speech the former President Gives gives, or any new source of income.

And while the former President’s team says he’s willing to disclose that information ahead of time, they aren’t willing to submit each speech opportunity for approval.

George H.W. Bush had no similar restrictions while his son (George W.) has been President, Clinton advocates say. Why would Bill Clinton have to stop doing what former presidents do — traveling the world, giving speeches, raising money for charitable works — when his wife is a mere Cabinet official?

This seems like a valid point. If former President Bush was not restricted from saying any darn thing he wanted while his son George W. has been President, why should Clinton have to submit every single speech and every single speaking invite for approval because his wife is a Cabinet official– not the President- just someone who works for the President?

The view is that this is the portfolio of a former President; to eliminate it — especially when Hillary Clinton still has more than $6 million in debt from her campaign — is unreasonable.

The Obama Team wants approval over how Bill Clinton earns an income if Hillary were to accept the job as Secretary of State. That does not seem reasonable at all. 

If Bill were approached to speak at Harvard, he’s have to ask the Obama team if it was OK. If a publisher wanted Bill to write a book, he’d have to get the OK from the Obama White House to accept the offer. If Bill wanted to sell something on Ebay (hey with the economy the way it is, you never know) he’d have to get approval by the Obama Team. Do you see how absurd that is? You can’t reasonably ask the spouse of someone you hire to seek permission from you everytime they have a job opportunity for themselves.

In addition, the Clinton people note that Hillary’s outstanding campaign debt is still an issue. The Obama camp pledged to wipe out Hillary’s campaign debt but has not done it. To think Bill Clinton would agree to let the Obama Team determine what income opportunities he could accept in the future while that debt is still on the table is just silly.

The reports all seem to agree that while this is an issue, it’s not an insurmountable issue. It’s just a sticky point that needs to be resolved, not a deal breaker. I have faith in Hillary to consider all the facts and make the decision that feels right and will help many Americans. Go Hillary!


3 Responses to “Obama Team Wants to Control Bill if Hillary is Sect. of State”

  1. honora November 19, 2008 at 7:28 am #

    I am hoping that this will be the straw that breaks the camel’s back. Hillary would be crazy to take the job under these conditions. Didn’t Bill promise that he would tell the real story about the election after it was done. I am waiting to read about how Obama cheated and lied his way into the White House. The point about the Bushes is well-taken. Thanks.

  2. Sam November 19, 2008 at 1:13 pm #

    I’m torn about if I want Hillary to do it or not. She’s in a really difficult position.

    She’s a great Senator and has independence to be an advocate for herself and others if she stays there. If she stays long enough, she’ll accumulate seniority/allegiances and will have more ability to land on committees like Healthcare.

    For now though, Hillary is only one of many, unable to head up committees on issues like healthcare without an invitation from a more senior member like Kennedy. She’s independent in what she can say, but she’s frustrated on what she can really accomplish in the Senate. Over time, that would loosen up a bit though.

    The Sect. of State gig is much larger stage where she can really make a tremendous difference immediately, but not on issues like healthcare. She’d be under Obama’s thumb and I don’t like that at all. Plus, Biden wants to get into international stuff as well so she’d be working in competition with the VP and that’s not good.

    I can see why Obama would want her on the job. She’s a superstar. The world likes and knows her. She’s always the smartest person in the room because she works hard to research everything and form opinions. She’s proven she’s willing to work to help Obama (something that still irks me).

    It seems like a better deal for Obama than for Hillary.

  3. Valarie V, November 19, 2008 at 1:20 pm #

    They need to leave Bill alone. He’s done so much for America, if he wants to make some money now that he’s a former President, he should be able to without the Obama thugs getting involved.

    The Obama guys like to control everything and everyone. How dare they try to dictate what an exPresident can do/say/earn. Since the Clintons are the only real political threats to Obama, I think this is some weird situation to keep them from challenging him in the future.

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