Obama’s Clintonian Circle

20 Nov


The abundance of Clinton veterans recruited by Obama for his new administration may not be the change his voters had in mind.

From Yahoo:

If Hillary Clinton is offered the Cabinet post, she’ll be one of many reported Clinton administration retreads working in or with the Obama administration.  Eric Holder, a deputy at the Department of Justice during the Clinton administration, was reportedly offered the job of attorney general.  Before Rahm Emanuel was a congressman, he was a senior advisorin the Clinton White House. He’s now Obama’s chief of staffJohn Podesta, heading up the Obama transition, is Clinton’s former chief of staff.

Obama has said he may be looking to create a “team of rivals.”  But this stack-up of Clinton veterans in the Obama administration has already caused buzz that this may not be what some people were looking for when they voted for change. Buried in that Rasmussen poll was this nugget: “Despite the support for Clinton to be secretary of state, 70% of voters think Obama should reach out and appoint new people for his Cabinet rather than including more people who served in the Clinton administration.”

One big-name non-Clinton now associated with the Obama administration surfaced in news reports today.  Tom Daschle, the former Senate Majority Leader, has accepted a cabinet post at Health and Human Services.

During the primary campaign, Hillary had this response to the grumbling about another possible Clintonian Era: “Well, you know, sometimes during this campaign, I hear people criticize the 1990’s and that’s fair, you know, it’s a campaign and people can criticize each other, but I’m always wondering when I hear that criticism, well, what part of the 1990’s didn’t they like? The peace or the prosperity? Because I thought we were on the right track.”

Obama must think so too since his super-team is comprised primarily of former Clinton people.

Obama might want to rethink the ‘Team of Rivals’ idea after he reads this article in the NY Times about how it worked out for Lincoln:

The rest of the “team of rivals” spent the war years scheming and squabbling among themselves. The cabinet never really functioned as a cohesive group.


There is little doubt that Abraham Lincoln was a great president. But not much of what made him great can be discerned in his appointment of a contentious, envious and often dysfunctional collection of prima donnas to his cabinet.


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