Obama Builds Economic Team, Disappoints Progressives

24 Nov

I wonder if Obama has any regrets about this whole president position now that he’s in the middle of the worst economic crisis the country has faced since the 1930s. He certainly has his work cut out for him. Many future presidents have enjoyed a post election vacation and rested up a bit before taking over as President. Obama does not have the luxury of resting. He’s already filled several key roles including announcing today that he has formed an economic team with the appointments of:

  • Timothy Geithner, president of the New York Federal Reserve, as Treasury secretary
  • Larry Summers, a former Treasury secretary, as head of the National Economic Council
  • Christina Romer, an economics professor at the University of California at Berkeley, to chair his Council of Economic Advisers
  • Melody Barnes, of the Center for American Progress, as director the Domestic Policy Council

In reading an article about Obama’s new economic team, I found this last bit worth noting:

How long a honeymoon?

The economic crisis has affected not only the speed with which Obama has moved but also the people he has chosen. The leaders of the economic team, the prospective attorney general and secretary of State and even the new White House chief of staff, Rahm Emanuel, all are veterans of the Clinton administration.

That has prompted some dismay and unease on left-leaning websites such as OpenLeft.com, who note Obama ran on a platform of bringing “change” to Washington. Blogger Chris Bowers, for one, calls the lack of “progressives” on the Obama team “extremely disappointing.”

Reischauer, on the other hand, calls it “comforting, in the sense that this is the pool of individuals that has substantial experience” who can help get policies implemented and legislation enacted in short order. The new president won’t have much time to show progress, he cautions.

“On Jan. 21st, everybody might say, ‘Oh, he inherited a mess.’ Nonetheless, it will be viewed as his mess to deal with and if things don’t turn around, the criticism will begin.”

To read about ‘extremely disappointed’ lefty progressives crying over how there is no real change is just so infuriating.

The hope and change myth has always been a ‘pretty fairy story’ meant to lure away support from Hillary. Once Obama became ‘the guy’ he began to move quickly to take Hillary’s place at the center. Progressives act as if this was just simply ‘a political move’ from Obama to win the election by appealing to middle Americans.

Ha! Who is fooling who here? Obama is not a progressive!

The election is over and Obama has yet to pull off the moderate mask and reveal this supposed progressive underneath.

If he were serious about bringing change to Washington, he would not have picked good ole Joe Biden for VP. That to me signalled his willingness to adhere to the old guard because he lacks the experience necessary to get the job done without them. How progressive can he be when he voted the absolute wrong way on FISA!?

Wake up people. Obama is the Clinton administration all over again just without a Clinton at the top of the org chart.

Let’s at least be honest about what he truly is and has always really been.



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