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Oprah House Hunting in Washington?

19 Dec
The NY Post  has this item about Oprah possibly purchasing a home in Washington:

OPRAH Winfrey wants to be as close to Barack Obama as possible. Insiders say Winfrey has started a preliminary search for a home in Washington, DC. A nine-bedroom Georgetown mansion she’s said to have asked about is listed at $50 million, but another source said, “She has never personally been to see it.” We’re sure Winfrey will try to swing by during Inauguration week. Her rep didn’t return calls.

Oprah’s 42 acre Montecito CA estate, which she named “Promised Land“, cost her a cool $52 million a few years back. If she were to buy a home in Washington, I wonder what she would name it. Perhaps ‘Hope Manor’?

The Promised Land- Oprah's Montecito CA Estate has researched listings in the area and found a single house that fits that description: a $49 million, nine-bedroom, four-bathroom mansion on three-and-a-half acres with parking for 100 cars, a gatehouse, and an additional building overlooking the Washington monument.

In case Oprah has any very special guests.

Possible new mansion for Oprah in Washington

Possible new mansion for Oprah in Washington




The Further Reduction Of Joe Biden’s VP Power

6 Dec


You know Joe is in trouble when there’s more talk about the future Obama dog than the future VP. Here’s another sign Joe is losing power fast.

Vice President-elect Joe Biden will be forbidden by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid from attending Senate Democratic Caucus meetings, Reid said in an interview with the Las Vegas Sun set to run Sunday at 2 a.m., as excerpted by Politico’s Mike Allen.

“Absolutely not,” responded Reid when asked if Biden would be allowed to attend these meetings.

But Biden spokesperson Elizabeth Alexander notes that Biden had “no intention” of going to the meetings anyway and there is no conflict at all between him and Reid.

“Vice President-elect Biden had no intention of continuing this practice started by Vice President Cheney of regularly attending internal legislative branch meetings,” she told ABC News. “He firmly believes in restoring the Office of the vice president to its historical role. He and Sen. Reid see eye to eye on this.”


I find this amusing and a tad sad. Biden’s increasingly shrinking VP role does suggest that Obama insiders like the idea of banishing him to the off stage shadows. They appear to regard Joe as the buffoon he sometimes is. Losing a power Cheney had once staked out for the VP, is not the direction I imagine Biden would like to go.

I think it’s a waste of a man, who even though he gaffes a lot, could indeed bring something valuable to the table. If he were to sit in on these meetings, he could at least keep a better eye on what Pelosi and Reid are doing and inform Obama of any potential treachery.

You just know Pelosi is bound to pull a power trip or two if she doesn’t like something Obama is doing or she doesn’t get something she wants for the crowd. Obama might have the nicer office, but let’s not forget, he needs the Pelosi seal of approval to get Congress to vote on the items he presents to them.

So Joe won’t be running the international relations efforts- Hillary will. He won’t be menacing bad dems who are not playing ball- that’s Rahm Emmanuel’s job, and now Joe won’t be attending dem caucus meetings either. What exactly will Joe work on that would be in line with ‘restoring the Office of the vice president to its historic role’?

The only historical role has been to attend state funerals and weddings of foreign leaders and inquire as to the general health of the President. 

That doesn’t seem like much for a man of Joe Biden’s experience to be satisfied with during the next four years. He’s not a thumb twirler, sit back kind of guy. If they don’t find something legitimate to keep Joe busy, he’s likely to become even more gaffe prone out of sheer idleness and boredom. Perhaps the White House could install Solitaire on his computer. At my workplace, many fellow colleagues quietly fill the working hours with online chess games. Perhaps Biden should take that up too.

Oprah: I’m not seeking job with Obama

6 Dec


BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. — Although Oprah Winfrey worked hard on Barack Obama’s presidential election campaign, she never considered going to work for the president-elect’s administration, the talk show host said Friday.

“I have a few full-time jobs already and a few full-time commitments, you know — contractual commitments that say I have to be where I am,” Winfrey told AP Television. “So, it never ever occurred to me, not even occurred to me.”

Winfrey said she would stay put, even if the president-elect came calling.

“Even if I was offered, I still have contractual commitments and what could I do?” Winfrey said. “I do what I do best on TV every day.”

Earlier this week, Winfrey’s production company confirmed she would host her Chicago-based talk show to Washington for at least two episodes during inauguration week. She’ll have a live show from the Kennedy Center Opera House one day before the ceremony, and tape another one on Jan. 21.

One plan she hasn’t yet thought out was her dress for the inaugural ball, despite rumors to the contrary.

“I actually haven’t picked it,” Winfrey said. “I had a dress on the vision board, but I’m not sure that’s gonna fit, so I have to work on something else.”


LOL! Oprah in the Obama administration!?

She can do more on his behalf by remaining on her show than anything she could ever do in Washington. I would expect that no matter what Obama does or does not do while President, Oprah will remain his top cheerleader. Even as he backs away from previous positions he campaigned on, fans like Oprah are likely to overlook that and just focus on the history of Obama instead of the reality of Obama. I hope for all our sakes, that Obama can deliver on his hope/change promise, but let’s not lose sight that he’s a mere human being capable of stumbles and missteps, not the messiah Oprah has ordained.

Kennedy Clan Urging Caroline To Seek Senate Seat

6 Dec
In this April 20, 2008 file photo, Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill. shares a moment with Caroline Kennedy before addressing supporters at a rally in Scranton, Pa. The Kennedy clan wants to see their Caroline in the Senate seat soon to be vacated by Hillary Rodham Clinton. The family just needs to convince her to do it, and New York Gov. David Paterson to put her there.

The 2012 Ticket?

Further confirmation of Caroline Kennedy’s intention to seek Hillary Clinton’s Senate seat has come from inside the Kennedy camp today. Her cousin, Robert Kennedy Jr., the lone Kennedy who chose to back Hillary instead of Obama during the dem primaries, has confirmed the Caroline Senate story.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. said he and the rest of the powerful Kennedy clan are urging Caroline to seek the New York governor’s appointment to the Senate seat now held by Hillary Rodham Clinton — and added she is ready and seriously considering it.

“I know she’s interested,” Robert Kennedy, who himself was prominently mentioned for the seat, told The Associated Press in a telephone interview Friday. “She spent a lot of her life balancing public service with obligations to her family. Now her children are grown, and she is ready to move onto a bigger stage.”

Once Clinton, in line to become secretary of state, is confirmed to President-elect Barack Obama’s Cabinet, New York Gov. David Paterson will appoint someone to fill the seat for two years.

The Kennedy family’s connections and history cannot force Paterson to choose Caroline, but the family’s strong support could increase pressure on him to pick her over lesser-known contenders. For Caroline Kennedy, seeking the Senate seat would be a significant departure from the life she has lived until now, protecting her family’s privacy — and her own.

Robert Kennedy said his extended family would come out en masse for her if she does get the appointment and has to run for election in 2010.

“If she runs, you will see more Kennedys than you have ever seen in your life,” he said.


There are many ways that Caroline could contribute to causes and advocate for issues as a private citizen. Political service is one way to make an impact in this world, but it is hardly the only way. With the Kennedy name behind her, Caroline could achieve much without having to pull the seat out from under other candidates who have more experience and wanted the Senate seat too. The name ‘Kennedy’ should not be a free pass to cut ahead in line of others who have worked for years to establish themselves through hard work and effort.

After everything that has happened with a relatively unknown Barrack Obama exploding onto the national stage and becoming President- elect within his first Senate term, I shouldn’t be surprised that Caroline Kennedy could walk into a Senate seat because she woke up one day and said she wanted it.

Welcome to the new democratic party brought to you by political thugs from Chicago and orchestrated by the democrats own Rovian team of Axelrod and Brazile. The new democrats include such illustrious members as: Obama, Al Franken, Chris Matthews (you know he’s eye a PA Senate race of his own), and now Caroline Kennedy. It’s all in the name and connections.

Richard Nixon always claimed that one day Caroline Kennedy would become the first female President. I thought about that today. I thought about how a path could emerge that would take Caroline from Senator to White House in 2016. It’s actually very easily mapped out if she becomes a Senator now, replaces Biden as VP in Obama’s second term, and runs for the president once Obama’s second term ends (if he were to win a second term of course).

It’s not that far fetched if you factor that Biden will not likely run for President himself in 2016 as he would be 75 years old at that time. Plus, Biden who has already had several aneurysms, could have further health issues over the next 8 years. Needing an heir apparent for the dem party after Obama’s reign is over, will make someone an insider favorite well before 2014 when the 2 year pre election campaign efforts begin.

As a VP, Caroline would have a tremendous platform to mount a campaign while also sidestepping the ‘experience’ question nicely. She has already demonstrated her ‘loyalty’ to Obama. They’ve worked together well when she helped on the VP selection committee.

As the first black president, he could make even more history by bringing along the first female VP to office and then helping her become the first President too.  He wouldn’t do it for Hillary, but Obama owes the Kennedy’s a lot, he finds Caroline likable enough, and it would buy one more historical footnote to the Obama legacy- why wouldn’t he do it?

As much as it breaks my heart to think it, if Caroline were to become a Senator, it’s likely she could be in a position to outmaneuver Hillary in a presidential bid in 2016. Heartbreaking isn’t it?

Maybe that was the Kennedy plan all along? Knock off Hillary to push forward one of their own. No one was in position to make it for this election, but the stage is set for a few years down the road. I predict we’ll see a Kennedy on a national ticket in 2012 and then again in 2016. Biden better gird his loins. There’s a Kennedy kick coming his way soon.

Caroline Kennedy Interested in Hillary’s Senate Seat

5 Dec

There are new reports that Caroline Kennedy is interested in taking over Hillary Clinton’s Senate seat. Didn’t we always know she would get something plum for the early and highly visible support of Obama during the dem primary? It just took a bit of time to figure out what it was she wanted.

As a Senator, she would probably be OK. She’s bright and politically engaged, but I wonder if that’s the best fit for her. I liked the idea of the United Nations or the UK ambassadorship post for Caroline. Plenty of loyal supporters and top donors that helped other presidential candidates have found themselves  rewarded with a swanky new ambassordship post. Caroline Kennedy seemed to fit nicely into that situation for all her Obama efforts on the campaign trail. Perhaps her ‘extra’ effort in assisting Obama with the VP selection committee put her ahead of the line for the Senate seat. 

Whether it is fair or not, is sadly beside the point as Gov. Paterson would likely have no choice but to pick her if she asked him. To select someone over her or to refuse her, would surely cost Gov. Paterson powerful political support within the dem party. There are just too many powerful politicos that love and support Caroline Kennedy. If she wants the seat, it’s as good as hers.

WASHINGTON—Democratic officials say Caroline Kennedy has spoken to New York Gov. David Paterson about the Senate seat that will come open when Hillary Rodham Clinton becomes secretary of state.

Paterson’s office says that the governor had been approached by several candidates for the job but that he would not discuss private conversations.

Kennedy is the daughter of President John F. Kennedy and a niece of Edward and Robert Kennedy. Robert Kennedy held the New York seat from 1965 until his assassination in 1968.

Democrats familiar with the conversation with Kennedy spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to divulge it.

Update: Gov. Paterson has confirmed he did indeed recieve a phone call from Caroline Kennedy but declined to discuss any details of their conversation.

There’s an online petition to persuade Gov. Paterson to ensure that Hillary’s Senate seat will be filled by another woman: Appoint a Woman to Senator Clinton’s Seat. There are many well qualified women (including Rep. Carolyn Maloney) that would be excellent replacements for the outgoing Hillary Clinton.

Palin Snubbed Oprah?

5 Dec
Oprah says she wants Palin on her show.

Oprah says she wants Palin on her show.

(CNN) – Did Sarah Palin snub Oprah Winfrey?

That’s what the most popular daytime talk show host and fervent Barack Obama supporter appeared to suggest in a recent interview with the entertainment show Extra.

“I said I would be happy to talk to Sarah Palin when the election was over… I went and tried to talk to Sarah Palin and instead she talked to Greta [Van Susteren]. She talked to Matt [Lauer]. She talked to Larry [King]. But she didn’t talk to me.”

Winfrey’s comments came in response to rumors she refused to invite the former vice presidential candidate on her popular daytime show.

Earlier this week, the talk show host announced she will tape her inauguration week show in the nation’s capital, and has rented the Kennedy Center’s lush Opera House – which seats roughly 2,300 — to serve as her studio.

“There are not even words to talk about what this night means,” Oprah said of Obama’s inauguration. “Everybody keeps using the word historic — there’s never been a night like this on the planet earth… Nothing can compare to this.”

Poor, poor Oprah. She didn’t get the Sarah Palin ratings boost post election bump for her show. It’s not everyday she is rebuffed. At least she still has the Obama inauguration night to cheer her up. After all, as Oprah says: “there’s never been a night like this on the planet earth.” Gee, why wouldn’t Sarah Palin want to share a couch with her and listen to this kind of gleeful worship of a mere mortal man who Oprah has helped to elevate to a ‘messiah’ of the universe?

Fraud Alert: Obama Inauguration Tickets Offered Online

2 Dec


Tickets to Obama's historic inauguration are free -- even though they are already being offered online for thousands of dollars.
Tickets to Obama’s historic inauguration are free — even though they are already being offered online for thousands of dollars.

WASHINGTON (CNN) — Organizers of the 56th Presidential Inauguration are warning consumers to be skeptical of tickets being offered for sale online to President-Elect Barack Obama’s swearing-in ceremony.

With 73 days to go, tickets are already appearing on the Internet with a hefty price tag. On eBay, 18 bidders have driven up one pair to more than $1,000. One Web site,, is inviting members of the public to place orders, warning “Our prices will reflect the difficulty in obtaining” tickets. Another site, Dreamtix, is offering a variety of seats ranging from $1,400 to $21,000 a pop.

Watch: Inaugural tickets already for sale on the Web

Carole Florman, Communications Director for the Joint Congressional Committee on Inaugural Ceremonies, says “anyone claiming to have tickets to sell right now, or saying that they will guarantee tickets, is not telling the truth.” Florman told CNN the 240,000 free tickets to the swearing-in ceremony are currently in a “secure location” and will not be handed out until a few days before. Tickets to the Inaugural Parade and official balls will be handled by a Presidential Inaugural Committee, which has yet to be formed.

The inaugural committee Web site advises members of the public wishing to attend to contact their members of Congress or U.S. Senator and ask to be put on the list for tickets.

An employee answering the phone at would give no comment to CNN about their tickets on offer. Karl Roes, the owner of, told CNN the site buys and sells tickets on the “secondary market” and, while they are taking orders, “we are not claiming we have tickets” at this time.