Oprah House Hunting in Washington?

19 Dec
The NY Post  has this item about Oprah possibly purchasing a home in Washington:

OPRAH Winfrey wants to be as close to Barack Obama as possible. Insiders say Winfrey has started a preliminary search for a home in Washington, DC. A nine-bedroom Georgetown mansion she’s said to have asked about is listed at $50 million, but another source said, “She has never personally been to see it.” We’re sure Winfrey will try to swing by during Inauguration week. Her rep didn’t return calls.

Oprah’s 42 acre Montecito CA estate, which she named “Promised Land“, cost her a cool $52 million a few years back. If she were to buy a home in Washington, I wonder what she would name it. Perhaps ‘Hope Manor’?

The Promised Land- Oprah's Montecito CA Estate

FOXNews.com has researched listings in the area and found a single house that fits that description: a $49 million, nine-bedroom, four-bathroom mansion on three-and-a-half acres with parking for 100 cars, a gatehouse, and an additional building overlooking the Washington monument.

In case Oprah has any very special guests.

Possible new mansion for Oprah in Washington

Possible new mansion for Oprah in Washington




One Response to “Oprah House Hunting in Washington?”

  1. inciclePawl May 20, 2009 at 6:33 pm #

    Fantastic post,, will visit soon!!

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