Celebrate the History

20 Jan

Today is a tough day for someone who held hopes of seeing the first woman in US history take a presidential oath.  Watching the less qualified man step on ahead, is a tough thing to swallow. I have PUMA friends who just couldn’t watch any of it. I respect that, but am glad I was able to watch because I got to witness the history of this day even if it was not the the history I had most hoped to see.  

As I watched the events unfold, I tried to put aside the disappointment of the primary season and the dashed hopes of  being a Hillary supporter to focus simply on the amazing history being made this day. As far as moments in US history go, it did not disappoint.

Despite all the fancy pageantry, the real ‘wow’ moment for me came as I watched the Obamas walk into their new residence- the White House.

They had just finished up at the parade and were ‘home’ for a quick stop to get ready for the evening events ahead. They walked up to the White House door and very simply walked in. That’s when it hit me.

The First Family is the first black family to reside in that house – the White House! For all that implies for the advancement of race in this country, what a milestone! What a moment for all Americans.

The symbolism of this is so much larger than the politics or the man. 

Regardless of how much one despises the politics or tactics that camp Obama used to rack up caucus wins while Hillary trumped him in the larger primaries, this was a historic moment for all Americans whether you support him or not.

For today,  I decided to celebrate the history. I’m grateful I did. I don’t believe Obama is more qualified than Hillary- because he isn’t- but I’m humbled at the historic moment this day is for America.

And Bush is gone…HOORAY!!

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