Heroes for Hillary is an acknowledgment and celebration of the tenacious spirit of Hillary supporters everywhere.

We hold true to our own sense of who is best qualified for President in 2008 despite the pressure we to support a less experienced candidate in the name of party unity.

We find our own true inner strength during times of pressure. We become heroes to our best principles. We choose to be heroes for Hillary.

Fact: Hillary supporters are just like Hillary- we press onward. We refuse to give up or get out just because the DNC or MSM tells us it’s over. It is not over. Not by a long-shot.

Fact: We choose to vote our personal truth rather than support an inferior candidate. Why should we fall in line when Hillary is the best damn candidate!? We just can’t settle for anything less.

Fact: During the 2008 primaries, Hillary supporters spoke out for fairness and justice against a flawed process that benefits a handpicked candidate.

Fact: Hillary supporters are fighting for the principles that are the very heart and soul of Democratic Party.

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