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Hillary Speaks for Women Everywhere

13 Jan


Our foreign policy must reflect our deep commitment to help millions of oppressed people around the world, and of particular concern to me is the plight of women and girls who comprise the majority of the world’s unhealthy, unschooled, unfed, and unpaid.

If half the world’s population remains vulnerable to economic, political, legal and social marginalization–our hope of advancing democracy and prosperity is in serious jeopardy.

The United States must be an unequivocal and unwavering voice in support of women’s rights in every country, on every continent.”

Hillary Clinton (1/13/09)

Oh how I’ve missed seeing her in action. Go Hillary!



Obama Team Wants to Control Bill if Hillary is Sect. of State

19 Nov


According to sources like Political Punch, the Obama people would like tighter control of what Bill does and says in the future and the Clinton folks are not comfortable with restrictions they deem ‘severe’.

The view from Camp Clinton is that the Obama Team would too severely restrict what Bill Clinton is able to do to simply make a living. One source says the Obama Team seems to think it can demand that the former president abide by the restrictions put on a general government official, which just isn’t tenable.

There has even been talk of the Obama White House wanting to approve every speech the former President Gives gives, or any new source of income.

And while the former President’s team says he’s willing to disclose that information ahead of time, they aren’t willing to submit each speech opportunity for approval.

George H.W. Bush had no similar restrictions while his son (George W.) has been President, Clinton advocates say. Why would Bill Clinton have to stop doing what former presidents do — traveling the world, giving speeches, raising money for charitable works — when his wife is a mere Cabinet official?

This seems like a valid point. If former President Bush was not restricted from saying any darn thing he wanted while his son George W. has been President, why should Clinton have to submit every single speech and every single speaking invite for approval because his wife is a Cabinet official– not the President- just someone who works for the President?

The view is that this is the portfolio of a former President; to eliminate it — especially when Hillary Clinton still has more than $6 million in debt from her campaign — is unreasonable.

The Obama Team wants approval over how Bill Clinton earns an income if Hillary were to accept the job as Secretary of State. That does not seem reasonable at all. 

If Bill were approached to speak at Harvard, he’s have to ask the Obama team if it was OK. If a publisher wanted Bill to write a book, he’d have to get the OK from the Obama White House to accept the offer. If Bill wanted to sell something on Ebay (hey with the economy the way it is, you never know) he’d have to get approval by the Obama Team. Do you see how absurd that is? You can’t reasonably ask the spouse of someone you hire to seek permission from you everytime they have a job opportunity for themselves.

In addition, the Clinton people note that Hillary’s outstanding campaign debt is still an issue. The Obama camp pledged to wipe out Hillary’s campaign debt but has not done it. To think Bill Clinton would agree to let the Obama Team determine what income opportunities he could accept in the future while that debt is still on the table is just silly.

The reports all seem to agree that while this is an issue, it’s not an insurmountable issue. It’s just a sticky point that needs to be resolved, not a deal breaker. I have faith in Hillary to consider all the facts and make the decision that feels right and will help many Americans. Go Hillary!

Hillary Says “Jobs, Baby, Jobs!”

14 Oct

As we inch painfully closer to having either Obama or McCain as President, I keep thinking ‘I wish it were Hillary’. Here’s Hillary out on the campaign trail in Horsham, PA declaring: “America will once again rise up from the ashes of the Bushes!” It would be easier to believe that if Hillary were at the top of the ticket this year instead of Obama.

Hillary Preferred by Women Voters 2 to 1

7 Oct

Yeah, she’s still our choice and will remain so until she’s President in 2012!

Via PUMA08:

As satisfying as it is to read this, it would be even more satisfying after November 4th when Barack Obama loses the election.

In a national telephone survey of 600 registered women voters was conducted by Blum & Weprin from September 25 through October 3, 2008 for SheZoom.com, the following interesting nuggets emerged:

Overall, Hillary Clinton is preferred by women voters over Sarah Palin on every measure. Women would vote for Clinton over Palin for President in 2012 by a margin of more than 2 to 1. A whopping 61% of women voters say that they would vote for Clinton in such a matchup, compared to only 27% for Palin.

The preference for Clinton over Palin is widest in handling the responsibilities of a President. Clinton is seen as doing a better job dealing with the economy by a 40% margin and as more effective in dealing with foreign leaders by 48%. A significant portion of Republicans in the survey voted for Hillary on these two questions (27% and 39%, resptively).


American women voters not only admire Hillary Clinton more, they also relate to her more than to Sarah Palin. While the margin is not as wide as in the presidential job responsibilities, women see Clinton’s values as closer to their own and would rather have Hillary Clinton as a friend. While Clinton comes out on top again in her role as a mother, this is an area where many women felt they could not or would not judge or compare these women.

Interestingly, while most women say their views of Hillary Clinton have not changed over the past year, fully a third say their views of Clinton have become more positive. Only a tiny minority have a more negative view than a year ago.

Congratulations to Obama and the DNC for snatching defeat from the jaws of victory…

Hillary Has A Plan

25 Sep

Hillary has a plan. She always does. She has thought about this economic crisis and devised a few remedies sure to fix what ails us. In an op-ed piece for the Wall St. Journal Hillary outlines what she believes needs to be done to help improve this mess. I have little doubt Obama will co-opt her ideas (as he always does) and claim them for his own. Unveiling them at some magnificent spectacle of theater called a ‘speech’. If you were paying attention this past week, you may have noticed how McCain had an economic plan, Hillary had an economic plan, and many days later, Obama sent out ‘his’ 4 point economic plan. It consisted of 3 Hillary’s ideas and 1 of McCains.  Some idea man he is. I want Hillary for President. If I can’t have her as our leader, I’ll go with McCain. No Obama.

Hillary’s article from the WSJ.com:

Lets Keep People in Their Homes

There is a broad consensus that Congress must act to stave off deeper turmoil on Wall Street. Irrespective of the final agreement yet to be reached, there are several principles that must be part of a broader reform effort that begins this week and continues in the coming months.

This is not just a financial crisis; it’s an economic crisis. Therefore, the solutions we pursue cannot simply stabilize the markets. We must also deal with the interconnected economic challenges that set the stage for this crisis — and reverse the failed policies that allowed a potential crisis to become a real one.

First, we must address the skyrocketing rates of mortgage defaults and foreclosures that have buffeted the economy and ignited the credit crisis. Two million homeowners carry mortgages worth more than their homes. They hold $3 trillion in mortgage debt. Nearly three million adjustable-rate mortgages are scheduled for a rate increase in the next two years. Another wave of foreclosures looms.

I’ve proposed a new Home Owners’ Loan Corporation (HOLC), to launch a national effort to help homeowners refinance their mortgages. The original HOLC, launched in 1933, bought mortgages from failed banks and modified the terms so families could make affordable payments while keeping their homes. The original HOLC returned a profit to the Treasury and saved one million homes. We can save roughly three times that many today. We should also put in place a temporary moratorium on foreclosures and freeze rate hikes in adjustable-rate mortgages. We’ve got to stem the tide of failing mortgages and give the markets time to recover. Continue reading

Hillary Making the Morning News Rounds

23 Sep

Our gal Hillary worked her mojo on multiple AM news programs today. Go Hillary!


MSNBC ‘Morning Joe’:

CBS Early Show:

NBC Today Show – Please be aware the audio and image do not match up. I’ve been holding off putting this one up in hopes another version would become available, but sadly this is the only one at this time. It’s annoying, but still informative:

Hillary on the Economy

18 Sep

Hillary should be the nominee and then our President. She could have won and she’d have been great!

Washington, DC — Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton today called for swift and strong action to stem the growing credit crisis on Wall Street. Assailing the Bush Administration for ignoring repeated warnings of the growing crisis and failing to provide adequate oversight of an increasingly complicated market, Senator Clinton offered a series of bold, specific proposals, including creating a new version of the Home Owners Loan Corporation (HOLC) to restore confidence in the market, curbing the most damaging and manipulative trading practices, providing relief to homeowners facing foreclosure, and reasserting competent federal oversight.